Whether seizures are controlled or not, epilepsy is life-changing. Children and adults with epilepsy, as well as their loved ones, must cope with unique psychological and social problems.

Living with epilepsy can be a difficult road, but one that need not be traveled alone.

The episodic, unpredictable nature of epilepsy, and its stigma, both increase the impact of the diagnosis on the emotional life of individuals and families. 


Epilepsy Services is a small agency in Highland Park, Illinois, offering a program of counseling and psychotherapy for anyone affected by epilepsy.

The program has been carefully designed to provide a range of entry points for those who will benefit from our services.  Recent client feedback indicates an 87% improvement in overall functioning, medication compliance, self-esteem and independence.

Our counseling and psychotherapy program pinpoints and responds to the unique needs of the epilepsy patient.  Some individuals and families desire short term counseling to concentrate on information and education about epilepsy; others are more interested in in-depth, long term treatment in order to focus on the psychological aspects of the diagnosis. 

Adjustment to the presence of epilepsy is a process of integrating the disorder into one's life. This process can best be accomplished through an ongoing therapeutic relationship with a licensed counselor who thoroughly understands the numerous characteristics of epilepsy and the effect the disorder can have on healthy functioning.