The clinical staff of Epilepsy Services deliver 2,250 hours of service every year.  Whether working with an individual, a couple or family, emphasis tends to be on the impact of epilepsy on family dynamics.  Blame, shame and guilt are mighty influences that have life-long effects on the development and regulation of self-esteem and self-confidence. Our staff has found a significant improvement in attitudes and patterns of adjustment when these difficult and painful feelings are expressed and dealt with by a professional attuned to the numerous facets of epilepsy.


We operate under the assumption that people tend to fear what they do not understand.  Through education and support in dealing with the presence of epilepsy, we counteract the stigmatization, anxiety and depression that almost always accompany the condition.

Entry for services is quick and easy.  Call us at 847-433-8960.  Most appointments can be arranged within a 48 hour window.  All counseling is conducted by a fully credentialed staff member.  Counseling is available for individuals, couples and families.  Additionally, we offer an adult support and discussion group.  Service assessment begins on initial visit.  You and your counselor will determine goals. Click here to hear first hand from our adult support and discussion group.

Fees are based upon sliding scale.  No one is ever turned away due to an inability to pay.


Seizures leave no calling card - no memory - other than the vague feeling that something unusual has occurred.  Educate yourself and explore current information to help you understand what happens when a seizure strikes you or your loved one.  Seizure types, recognition, first aid and follow-up measures are covered in one or two informational sessions.

Click links for helpful resources:

First Aid information for Seizures

First Aid Information for Seizures (Spanish Version)


The staff of Epilepsy Services can provide in-services (an educational presentation about epilepsy) at any school or place of employment.  In-services consist of a 20 minute DVD presentation, a brief overview of the disorder, first aid instruction, and question and answer session.  A pre-arranged appointment is necessary.

Physician Referral

Insurance restrictions can limit your choices in selecting a neurologist.  Each staff member at Epilepsy Services is familiar with local epilepsy centers and physicians specializing epileptology.  Contact us to confirm your selection of a neurologist.